3 Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year

3 Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year

There’s always a spark of hope that comes with every new year. Resolutions are made, changes are welcomed and new ideas are formed. In the spirit of new beginnings and starting with a clean slate, below are some tips to help you take action and get organized this new year.

1. Declutter – You may have done this before Thanksgiving or before Christmas, but there will no doubt be more things that need to be out of your house or your life to welcome a new year.

Action: Allocate clutter into categories (ie keep, toss, donate).

Outcome: Create a fresh and organized home.

2. Start Small and Have Do-able Targets – Setting realistic goals will improve your chance of success, because grandiose resolutions or targets will likely result in failure. You can start by having your car repaired and checked, cut down to two glasses of wine a day, or wipe the bathroom bench tops over each morning. Small things lead to big things.

Action: Choose three tasks that you will start to do daily.

Outcome: A more organized lifestyle that can be expanded on. Once you have mastered your three tasks chosen,                   choose three more.

3. Take Advantage of Your Calendar and Use It For Everything – Some people don’t want to be boxed in with too many schedules, but including reminders, tasks, vacations and other important events in your calendar will help you remember things. Your calendar can be an old school planner or on your smart device.

Action: Choose whether you prefer paper or electronic planners and start noting your daily to-do’s.

Outcome: The reminders will prompt you to stay on top of your daily tasks.


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