Tips For Selling Your Home

Included are some easy and cost effective suggestions to help transform your home in such a way that homebuyers can visualize living there. Success breeds success! Clean, warm and inviting homes feel successful and people want to be a part of that!

Tips For Selling Your Home
1. Clean the house

Thoroughly clean the house including all surfaces, floors, windows, shelves, ovens, sinks, commodes, even closets. Everything visible should look pristine. I believe it is money well spent to hire a cleaning crew to come in and deep clean. Buyers can notice the difference.

2. Make sure the house smells good

Make sure the house smells good. If there are pets present, I recommend a carpet cleaner come out to the house and steam every room.

3. Eliminate clutter

Eliminate clutter off all counters and floors in kitchen, bathrooms, off mantles, chests of drawers, etc. Pack all personal photos and frames, figurines, etc. except a few on each surface. Leave enough to keep the room interesting. Keeping larger and fewer pieces is recommended over numerous small ones.

4. Kitchen appliances in cabinets

Put small kitchen appliances in cabinets and other items that are sitting on countertops (spices, coffee, etc.) away and out of sight. Consider putting these items in the pantry, but keep pantry well organized and tidy. You want a buyer to see how much space there is for storage. Pack in boxes all superfluous cans of soup and staples you can do without. Free up shelf space wherever possible.

5. Keep closets and pantries organized

Keep closets and pantries organized and orderly.  Buyers relate to a house in order.  Go as far as to organize clothes by color or length on hanger!  This will add to the successful feeling of the home.

6. Touch up walls

Touch up walls and nail holes, but be sure paint matches exactly for tone and finish. If wall(s) are particularly marked or dirty, have wall(s) painted in nice shade or neutral tone. It does not have to be white!

7. Clean up the yard

Clean up the yard. Blow leaves, trim and edge the walkways, pull out weeds, add new mulch everywhere you can under trees and shrubs, prune bushes so they look cared for and maintained, power wash the driveway and walkway if it is stained. I recommend hiring a landscape company to give your yard a once over. This is money well spent! FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING!!!

8. Clean and organize the garage

Clean and organize the garage. It is okay to have things stacked in an orderly fashion in about 1/3 of the garage, but try to have enough clean space to show a buyer the width and depth of the garage. If you can’t fit your things into 1/3 to 1/2 of space, it is suggested that you rent a storage space and move as much as possible into storage.

9. Store or organize hoses

Store or organize hoses and other items that make the yard look messy. Put all empty pots and tools, portable sprinklers and the like out of sight. Discard any plants that look dead or neglected. Add large flower pots in strategic places with new flowers or greenery. This will enhance your front entry and the back patio!

10. Make front entry inviting

Make front entry inviting. Again, clear away any small items or debris. Make sure your front door is clean and presentable. It should be free of paint chips and cracking. If it has an out of date paint color, it is recommended you paint it a complimentary color to the house’s color. Deep red is always a popular choice. Stay away from high gloss! Buying a new stained door can make the front entrance a positive first impression. Adding a large flower pot or one interesting art element can also add flavor to your entrance. Buy a new door mat. Something welcoming and attractive. Don’t over do it and be certain not to block the entrance in any way at all. Every passageway needs to feel as open and large as possible.